written & directed by Filip Markiewicz

starring Liliane Amuat, Carina Braunschmidt, Elias Eilinghoff, Vincent Glander, Barbara Horvath, Max Rothbart, Florian von Manteuffel, Michael Wächter, Simon Zagermann

Dramaturgy by Katrin Michaels

Cinematography by Filip Markiewicz

Assistance by Robin Ormond

Editing by Filip Markiewicz

Music & Soundtrack by Filip Markiewicz

produced by Theater Basel

2018 © Filip Markiewicz


written & directed by Filip Markiewicz


starring Leila Schaus, Luc Schiltz, Tania Soubry, Nuno Brito, Gino Ricca

cameras by Sven Becker & Filip Markiewicz

film editing by Filip Markiewicz

soundtrack by Nuno Brito, Cathy Krier, Raftside, Marcin Wierzbiczki

soundtrack La Poule performed by Cathy Krier, composed by Jean-Philippe Rameau

© + (p) Deutschlandfunk / Avi-Service for music


Produced by Mudam Luxembourg

Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg


Full HD film

installation sychronized on 3 x projectors

Format 2.23:1 / 35 minutes

variable dimensions

2015 © Filip Markiewicz

Filip Markiewicz - visual artist, writer & composer, film and theater director


All rights reserved © Filip Markiewicz