Filip Markiewicz (born in 1980, Esch / Alzette, Luxembourg) is a visual artist who expresses himself through various media such as drawing, painting, music, video and installation. Filip Markiewicz represented Luxembourg at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 with the Paradiso Lussemburgo project (Sternberg Press Verlag catalog).

His long-term project Celebration Factory on contemporary Europe began in 2016 at the NN Contemporary Art Northampton and at the Theater Basel before it was continued in 2018 at the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain and in 2019 at the Center for Contemporary Art Derry-Londonderry and the Kunsthalle Osnabrück (catalog Hatje Cantz Verlag). In 2017 Markiewicz staged his performance Fake Fiction with diary texts by Oskar Schlemmer (publication Hyde Éditions) at Theater Basel for the official Art Basel program. Markiewicz received the Art Prize Bourse Bert-Theis in 2019 for his art music project Ultrasocial Pop.

In 2020 his theater film project Fake Fiction was presented for the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin festival at the Musée du Louvre in Paris and at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. In the same year Markiewicz shows his monographic exhibition Ultraplastik Rhapsody at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. For the Lausitz Festival 2020, Markiewicz directed, created the scenography and composed the music for the play ANTIGONE NEUROPA (Sophocles) in collaboration with the Staatstheater Cottbus.

In february 2021 Filip Markiewicz presented the performance Ultrasocial Pop  in the frame of the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin at the Audiorium du Louvre (F). In August 2021 Markiewicz directed, created the scenography and composed the music for the installation and theater performance Euro Hamlet at the Lausitz Festival.

Filip Markiewicz has been composing music for film, theater and installation under the name RAFTSIDE since 1999, with which he has also appeared in several international festivals. 

Solo Exhibitions


Liquid Poem - Stadtgalerie Kiel (D)


Instant Comedy - Konschthal Esch (L)

Ultrasocial Pop - Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin (D)

Ultrasocial Pop - Kaunas 2022 - Meno Parkas Gallery (LT)

Pictures at an exhibition - mise en scène - Berliner Philharmoniker (D)

Hypervolk - mise en scène / performance - Monodrama Festival (L)


Euro Hamlet -  Installation & Theater Performance - Lausitz Festival (D)

Ultrasocial Pop - Live Perfomance  - Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin - Auditorium du Louvre Paris (F)

Klangkörper - Art In Situ OAI Luxembourg (L)


Ultraplastik Rhapsody - National Museum of Contemporary Art - Bucharest (RO)

Antigone Neuropa - Installation Performance - Staatstheather Cottbus / Lausitz Festival (D) 

Road to Nowhere - C+N Canepaneri - Milano (I) 


Untitled Surface - Concordia - Enschede (NL)

curator : Petra Boonstra

Celebration Factory IV - Kunsthalle Osnabrück (D)

curators: Enrico Lunghi, Catherine Hemelryk, Kevin Muhlen

Celebration Factory III - CCA - Derry Londonderry (UK)

curators: Catherine Hemelryk, Kevin Muhlen, Julia Draganovic


Celebration Factory II - Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (L)

curators: Catherine Hemelryk, Kevin Muhlen

Welcome - Drawing Room - Aperto (F)

La Panacée | Montpellier

Leap Art Prize solo showcase - Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize

Rotondes |  Luxembourg

When stars make a revolution real -  Theater Basel | Basel, Switzerland (CH)

Performance & Concert Raftside aka Filip Markiewicz


Fake Fiction - Theater Basel | Basel, Switzerland (CH)

theatre play, installation in the frame of Art Basel

written & directed by Filip Markiewicz

dramaturgy : Katrin Michaels

with the participation of C. Raman Schlemmer & Ingo Niermann

Celebration Factory I - NN Contemporary Art | Northampton  (UK)

curators: Catherine Hemelryk, Kevin Muhlen


Disco Oslo Euro Zero - Akershus Kunstsenter | Oslo - Lillestrøm, Norway 

curators: Rikke Komissar, Tor Arne Samuelsen 

Blackbox - Film selection - Casino-Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (L)

curator: Bettina Heldenstein

Making Love With Your Ego 

Aeroplastics Contemporary Brussels (B) 

Silence is Louder Than A Revolution 

C+N Canepaneri Milano (I)

Europa Leaks -  Universität St. Gallen | St. Gallen (CH)

Lecture & Performance


Paradiso Lussemburgo 

La Biennale di Venezia 56th International Art Exhibition - Venice (I)

Luxembourg Pavilion
curator : Paul Ardenne 

Discopolitik - Monodrama Festival (L)

theatre play

written by Filip Markiewicz

directed by Luc Schiltz, Josée Hansen, Filip Markiewicz

Filmpremiere Voyage au bout d'une identité directed by Filip Markiewicz
with Luc Schiltz & Leila Schaus Luxembourg Pavilion - Venice Biennale (I) 

Kunstmesse - Art Brussels
Aeroplastics Contemporary (B) 


Le Retour du Plombier Polonais  - Centre d'Art Nei Liicht - Dudelange (L) 

curator : Daniele Igniti


Silentio Delicti - Abbaye de Neumünster (L)

curators : Martine Schneider- Speller, Guy de Muyser 

You are an image 

Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg (L)


Sacrifice Bank - beaumontpublic gallery – (L) 

curator : Martine Schneider- Speller


Alterviolence - beaumontpublic gallery (L) 

curator : Martine Schneider- Speller

Dreaming Golden Lady - video live performance - Expo Shanghai (China)

Luxembourg Pavilion 

curator : Christian Mosar


Zollzeit - AICA (International Art Critics Association) – Luxembourg (L)

curator : René Kockelkorn 

Collections (selection) 

MUDAM - The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg (L)

Collection Fondation Francès - Senlis (F)

Sammlung Stadtgalerie Kiel (D)
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art (L)

BPS22 - Musée d'Art de la Province de Hainaut (B)

Collection Ville de Dudelange (L)

Sammlung AK Arbeiterkammer Wien Kultur - Vienna (A) 

Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg (L)

Collection Oeuvre Nationale de la Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (L)

Melva Bucksbaum & Ray Learsy Collection - Connecticut (USA)
Simmons & Simmons (UK) 

Group Exhibitions (Selection)


Ideosignes - Stella Rouskova Gallery - Genoa (I)


Deep Deep Down - Museum of Contemporary Art MUDAM Luxembourg (L)

The Spirits that I summoned - Kimgo Berlin (D)

Hybrid Nature AR Biennale - NRW Forum Düsseldorf (D)

Stayin’ Alive - BPS22 Charleroi (B)

I’m not there - curated by Max Dax - Zidoun & Bossuyt (L)

Muslim Mulliqi Award - National Gallery of Kosovo - Prishtina (KS)

Memento - CAL Luxembourg (L)


I thought I was an alien - curated by Justine Otto - Polarraum Hamburg (D)

EURO HAMLET at Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin - Haus der Kulturen der Welt - Berlin (F) 

Archi e lumi - Stella Rouskova Gallery - Genoa (I)

Solitude Publique - Schau Fenster Berlin (D)


Freigeister - MUDAM Museum of Contemporary Art - Luxembourg (L)

Festival OVNI - Nice (F)

Come what may - Aeroplastics Brussels (B)

CAL Prix Pierre Werner - Galerie Schlassgoart Esch (L)

Club Quarantina - Grimmuseum Berlin (D)

Club Quarantina - Wildpalms Düsseldorf (D)


Fake Fiction - Musée du Louvre - Paris (F)

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin

DUE TO - Gallery LAGE EGAL - Berlin (D)

curator: Wayra Schuebel

LE DESSIN MAINTENANT - Espace à Vendre - Nice (F)


Rewind -  C+N Canepaneri - Milano (I)

On recommence à zéro - duoshow Aperto | Montpellier (F)

artists : Emmanuel Régent & Filip Markiewicz

Postcard Reloaded - Kunstraum Potsdam (D)

curator : Sebastian C. Strenger


Talking about a revolution - Gallery 22Visconti - Paris (F)

curator: Paul Ardenne

Are you satisfied? Aktuelle Kunst und Revolution - Stadtgalerie Kiel (D)

curator: Dr. Peter Kruska


The New Archive group show - NN Contemporary Art | Northampton (UK)

curator : Catherine Hemelryk

Kapitalströmung - Kunsthalle Tübingen (D)

curator: Holger Kube Ventura

Homeland - Argos Centre for Art and Media | Brussels (B)

curator : Kevin Muhlen

Clouzot et les Arts Plastiques - Topographie de l'Art | Paris (F)

curator: Paul Ardenne

Purifications - Aeroplastics Contemporary | Brussels (B)


The power of Empathy - 36ème Festival des Arts | Watou (B) 

curator: Jan Moeyaert 

Forever - Bubox, Kortrijk (B) 

curator : Jerome Jacobs 

Ta.bu - Maison Particulière (B) 

curator : Wim Delvoye 

Whatever you say, don't tell anyone solo showcase - Espace à Vendre | Nice (F)

invited by Emmanuel Régent


Dark Ages - Aeroplastics Brussel (B) 

curator : Jerome Jacobs

Discopolitik theater play
with Luc Schiltz & Josée Hansen Monodrama Festival (L) 

Tous pour tous - Les Chiroux, Liège (B)

curator : Anja Bücherl 

Hybride3 - Biennale d'art contemporain 2015 - Douai (F)

curator : Paul Ardenne 

Humble me - Aeroplastics Contemporary - Brussels (B) 

curator : Jerome Jacobs


The Remarkable Lightness of Being 

collective show Aeroplastics Contemporary - Brussels (B) 

Fail  - Gallery Nosbaum & Reding (L)

curator : Josée Hansen 

High Hopes - Delphine Ract Madoux - Paris (F) 

Angste Povera collective show Carré Rotondes (L) 

Artist Residency - Fondation Biermans Lapôtre - Paris (F) 


Romantic Hierarchy at Ricochet collective show 

Galerie Municipale Vitry-sur-Seine - Paris (F) 

Birds - Espace BGL BNP Paribas (L)

curator : Christian Mosar 

Romantic Hierarchy 2 video project Carré Rotondes (L)

Rebondissement drawing group show 

I Love my Job, Caroline Smulders - Paris (F) 


Art Paris 2012 - beaumontpublic (F) 


I've dreamt about - MUDAM - The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg (L)

curator : Marie-Noëlle Farcy



International Portrait Biennale - Tuzla (BH) 

2D / 3D - drawings installation & performance

Galerie Joseph - Caroline Smulders - Paris (F) 


Divine Democracy video drawing installation Expo Gelle Fra (L)
curator : Didier Damiani 

Banque de Tolérance  - drawing at FIAC Paris Art Fair (F)

beaumontpublic gallery 

MadeInferno installation - Moving Worlds Triennale (L) 

curator : Didier Damiani 

Reality Now 

group show Concentart – Berlin (D) 


Kunstmesse - Robert Schuman Prize – Metz (F)

video drawing installation Eglise St. Pierre-aux-Nonnains 

curator : Didier Damiani 


Live performance with Sylvia Camarda Euroszene Festival - Leipzig (D) 

ARCO – Madrid Art Fair (E) beaumontpublic gallery 


Pale Exploding Imitation 

mise en scène, visual & sound performance Filip Markiewicz
starring Luc Schiltz, Bruce Geduldig from Tuxedomoon, Yuko Kominami

Philharmonie – Luxembourg (L) 

Time Square – collective exhibition beaumontpublic gallery (L) 

Disco Guantanamo at “Elo – Inner Exile, Outer Limits”

MUDAM - The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg (L)
curator : Christian Mosar 

Raftside solo sound & rock performance
FRAC Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain d’Alsace (F) 


Empire of dirt at “Exposed for Destruction” exhibition 

beaumontpublic gallery – Luxembourg (L)
curator : René Kockelkorn 


3 x 15 minutes of success 

Live performance
Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’Art Contemporain (L) 

Directed Films, Video installations & Video clips 

Celebration Club 

shortfilm (2017)

Film screenings: NN Contemporary Art Northampton (2017), University of Northampton (2017), Homeland, Cité des Arts Paris (2017) Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin (2018) Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (2018)


videoclip for Raftside (2016) 

Voyage au bout d'une identité 

shortfilm (2015)
Film screenings : Venice Biennale 2015 (I), Aeroplastics Bruxelles Gallery (2016), Canepaneri Gallery Milano (2016), Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (2016) 

Low Cost Symphony 

shortfilm (2014)
Film screenings: Gallery Nei Liicht (2014), Biennale de Douai in France (2014) Art Brussels Art Fair (2015), Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (2016) 


video installation (2014)
Film screening : Carré Rotondes (2014) 

San Francisco Sun 

videoclip for Raftside (2013) 

Silent Rock'n'Roll 

videoclip for Raftside (2013) 

Silentio Delicti 

Video installations (2012)
Film screening: Abbaye Neumünster Luxembourg (2014), Gallery Nei Liicht (2014), 

Divine Democracy 

Video installation (2010)
Film screening: Expo Shanghai in China (2010), Expo Gelle Fra (2010) 

Apotheke am Hermannplatz 

Video installation (2010)
Film screening : Carré Rotondes (2014), Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (2016) 

Empire of Dirt 

Video installation (2007)
Film screenings : Gallery Beaumontpublic (2007), Mudam Luxembourg (2014), Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain (2016)